The 2.0 Entrepreneur

Table of Contents

Ch 1 Don’t Let The Crabs Pull You Down
Ch 2 Think Like an Entrepreneur
Ch 3 Getting Started and Finding Your Unique Message
Ch 4 Developing Yourself as an Expert
Ch 5 Developing Talks that Lead to Sales
Ch 6 Honing Your Speaking Skills
Ch 7 Setting Up Your Portable Office
Ch 8 Getting Your Content Online
Ch 9 Speak for Free and Get Noticed
Ch 10 Getting Noticed in Print and on the Radio
Ch 11 Getting on Television
Ch 12 A Chance to Get Paid Conducting Public Seminars
Ch 13 Speaking at Professional Conferences
Ch 14 Building Your Marketing/Press Kit
Ch 15 When the Calls Start Coming in
Ch 16 Getting Commitment with a Speaker’s Agreement
Ch 17 The Conference
Ch 18 Winning Over Your Audience
Ch 19 Teaching Methods for Connecting with Your Audience
Ch 20 The Keynote
Ch 21 Making Connections
Ch 22 Wrapping up the Event
Ch 23 Writing a Book
Ch 24 How to Write an eBook Without Typing a Word
Ch 25 Selling Audio and Video Products
Ch 26 Using Humor and Keeping it Original
Ch 27 Event Etiquette
Ch 28 Speaker Sponsorship
Ch 29 Professional Tips for Getting Hired Again and Again

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