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Bill Corbett is a professional speaker who delivers keynote speeches and training seminars across the United States, and helps his clients leverage 2.0 strategies in order to grow top line revenues. Bill has built several successful businesses from the ground up using top-notch entrepreneurial techniques to implement inbound marketing campaigns. He has thousands of followers and subscribers tuning into his various social media channels, and he knows how to work them all to maintain platform growth and connect with both new and established customers, clients, and collaborators. He is a much sought after business consultant, trainer and mentor, is a regular contributor to major network television affiliates, and currently produces two television shows as part of his own unique marketing plan.

After becoming intrigued with understanding human motivation, buying habits and behaviors, Bill got his degree in clinical psychology and his first business was a mailing list service back in the 80s prior to the birth of the Internet. Then when VHS came on the market, he started up a motorsport racing videotaping company that eventually supplied thousands of accident clips to “crash & burn” videos advertised on late night TV. With three children of his own frustrating him, Bill continued his education in child behavior and eventually started a parent education company that he still run today. ┬áMost recently, Bill took a detailed interest in people, social media and business and began consulting on how to find new customers using unique and creative marketing concepts. He then published his 5th book in 2014 called THE 2.0 ENTREPRENEUR to provide the “playbook” for solopreneurs and small business owners to gain greater market share and grow their business.

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